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Congratulations “DP” on winning the champion
DP news | Posted on2016-03-24

On December 19th, 2015, the twelfth “Guangzhou "Baiyun Times Cup" table tennis competition” was opened in the Guangzhou Gymnasium.

This competition was held by the Baiyun District Sports Federation, Baiyun District Table Tennis Association. 50 teams more than 300 athletes took part in the competition. The youngest competitor is only 12 years old when the oldest – more than 50 years old.

In the afternoon of December 20th, all the games came to the end. Finally, “DP team” won the champion. 

This competition fully reflected the spirit of members in “DP”: combine the daily works with sports, build up health and promote unity. We should learn to be like the table tennis sport, quickly reaction, no any procrastinations on daily works, enhance our inspect ability, no give up when we were in troubles. Solve the problem with open-mind, intellect and determinate. Increase the ability of team work, enhance the competitive power of company, and create the splendid of “DP” together.

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