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LED aluminum flashlight
1.	This product must use with one piece of AAA battery, the voltage of which is between 1.2~1.5V is also suitable for this product.
2.	High-power, environmental-friendly, long-life LED Bulb is adopted and its life span is more than 100000 hours. Besides, it has feature like low energy dissipation.
3.	With MCU control system and wide voltage input, the battery can discharge completely. Turn on the switch, light will be on.
4.	The shell is made of superior-quality 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, which is manufactured and inspected under Accurate CNC Computer Numerical Control and has gone through military level-3 hardening treatment. With bright treatment, it looks elegant and fashionable.
5.	The reflector lamp cup has gone through surface treatment process, which makes light reflecting much more efficient.
6.	Small size, light weight, beautiful design and disliking treatment make comfortable touching available.
7.	With woven belt, it’s very convenient to take. It’s the best option for polices, firefighters, patrolling, emergency aid, chemical examine and repair, exploration, outside sports etc..


Product Material:  superior-quality 6061-T6 aluminum alloy

Product Color:  silvery white

Number of LED:  1

Power Supply Mode:  Battery

Dimension:  20x20x96mm

Bar Code:  6939020409255

Light Source Power:  0.5W

Luminous Flux:  18lm

Box Packing Dimension:  72x155mm

Carton Dimension:  43.2x24.5x900px



While charging, make sure the battery is installed in the right direction and then connect the charger to AC 110~240V 50/60Hz power sockets. While the red indicator is turn on, the battery is charging; while the indicator turns into green, the battery is charged fully, it will need about 5 hours.

Before using, make sure the battery's positive part and negative part are in the right position, then tighten the end (make sure the spiral is in the right direction, otherwise it will cause damage). Every push on the switch will generate different degree brightness. Choose the one that matches you perfectly.

When the brightness becomes darker and darker, please stop using it and recharge in time, to protect the battery's life span.




While recharging, the temperature of charger and battery may raise a little, which is a normal phenomenon. Keep it away from explosives and flammable while recharging.

Due to the high brightness, please do not point the light directly to eyes and other light-sensitive objects. Children must be guided by adults for using.

Because of the heat produced by the high power LED bulb, the temperature of torch's head might rise (within 40 degree), which is a normal phenomenon.

Please recharge it before the first use, because Li-ion battery has the feature of self-discharge. Take out the battery from the torch to recharge it fully. Recharge it every three months if unused for a long time.

The battery charger is exclusive for our torch and battery use only.

Do not put the battery into the fire or heat up the battery to avoid accidents. Do not put the positive part and negative part upside down, otherwise it will cause short circuit; do not disassemble or transform the battery. Put the battery away from the sunlight, high temperature objects and places.

The battery is specially made by our company, so if the battery is damaged or broken, customers should buy from our company to ensure the safety. Buying other brands' batteries is not suggested.

Ensure the safety during using, please read the instructions carefully. If any unexpected consequences happen due to rule-breaking operations, our company will not take any responsibility.


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